Live Music

With Dick Brave, they have walked off with almost every prize a musician’s heart could desire - and on New Year’s Eve, they plan to show everyone in the Museum just what their music is made of: With a complete hit list of hip songs, the “THE BACKBEATS” will get everyone in mood.

Another act to look forward to are JOE WHITE & THE HOT SEVEN DWARFS performing old Lindy Hop, Swing and New Orleans hits including "That's a plenty", "Struttin with some Barbecue" or "Hello Dolly" - played live for perfect danceability and, of course, with real bounce.


On our 2nd Dance Floor in the Chocolate Factory, the music is in the hands of the DJs from SWING & SOUL of Cologne. The mood on the Main Floor will be created by Swingin' Swanee with swingin' Jazz from the 30th and 40th.


The Swing-Ball starts at 9 p.m. with a trial lesson / taster session with instructors from the “Hop Spot” Dance Studio.